Testimonial, Paradise Waters, Christian

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“I get wary calling tradies from the paper or internet, I prefer to call by referral. However under this circumstance I didn’t have any experience or referrals in using a Concrete Cutter/Driller. We were in the process of renovating our pool and needed some concrete cut away and holes drilled for our new pool fence. I came by Cut It Out – Concrete Sawing & Core Drilling in the local newspaper and thought I’d see if they have a reputable website before calling. I found their website very informative for a person who didn’t know much about this trade. I contacted Kris in the office who very promptly organised for Joe to come and meet me on site to discuss the job, and provide me with a quote. I found Joe to be very professionally presented for a tradesman, who explained the process of the cutting and drilling to me so I knew what to expect. His quote seemed very fair so I booked him in. Joe turned up on time and got the job done, efficiently and amazingly very cleanly. I was very surprise with how he left the area upon finishing, I thought it would be a huge mess, but he went out of his way to ensure the work area was as clean as possible. Thank you Cut It Out! 

Christian – Paradise Waters

Testimonial, Gold Coast, Plumber, Mike

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“For the past 20+ years, our plumbing companies success has been rooted in our ability to deliver professional, prompt and reliable work. We seek business associates that share in the same goals and values. Our long term relationship with Cut It Out – Concrete Sawing & Core Drilling has been a clear example of such a partnership. Not only have they demonstrated top notch quality on every job, they are easy to work with, attack each project with professionalism and most importantly stay within the scope and costs of the project. Plain and simple, they get the job done.”

Mike – Plumber, Gold Coast

Testimonial, Brisbane, Project Manager, Ian

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“We have been using Cut It Out – Concrete Sawing & Core Drilling for 2 years. As a general contractor everyone knows that one subcontractor that does not perform well can make any job a nightmare. When I see Cut It Out is one of our subs, I know that I do not have to worry about that part of the project. They are professional and reliable and know how to get the job done. We have subcontractor lists that we give to all our superintendents with lots of options for different trades. The only company under concrete cutting and core drilling on that list is Cut It Out – Concrete Sawing & Core Drilling”

Ian – Project Manager, Brisbane

Testimonial, PMD Group, Managing Director, Lee Allen

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July 6, 2012

Dear Joe & Kris,

It is not often enough that I am motivated to write to a company to thank them for their behaviour on our job sites.

I am specifically referring to the work completed at 57 Matthew Flinders Dr. You came to site to cut the floor to allow for the placement of new drains. Given the nature or the operation and the mess that cutting concrete can be, I was amazed (yes amazed) to find the site in a nicer state than when handed over to you. I was sorry that I was not there to thank you personally that day. 

Last week you attended site to core holes for the sail structure posts. It was a difficult situation too, with poor access and finished works all around. The holes were placed exactly where needed and again, the place was left clean.

So…..the first time wasn’t a fluke!

Please continue to be consistent in your professionalism and we will consistently know whom to call when we need concrete cut or holes drilled.

Thank-you for making my job easier.


Lee Allen
Managing Director
QBSA Open Builder