Core Drilling, Multi-Story Balustrade Holes

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Working closely with our windows & balustrade client, this 12 story owner and tenant occupied Main Beach building underwent a face lift of new glass balustrades.

A challenging job requiring very clean and tidy workmanship as all units were occupied, where were required to drill multiple holes for each balcony for the installation of new balustrades. All slurry was required to be contained and removed in an appropriate manner.

National Parks Core Holes

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Working closely with our Government client, we were needed to help drill 40 mm diameter core holes at a depth of 1.5 metres into the bed rock to help build a new footway and platform for O’Reilly’s rainforest tourists.

Working in the Gold Coast Hinterlands the job didn’t come without its challenges of rain, very cold working conditions and a 1.5 km trek to the worksite in the bush with all the equipment in tow. The outlook was worth the hard work!