Environmental Management Plan

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Environmental Protection

Cut It Out  Concrete Sawing & Core Drilling has an Environmental Management Plan that’s been implemented to meet with EPA guidelines.

We have adopted environmental policies and procedures that strictly adhere to all environmental legislation’s.

We ensure our vehicles include water tanks with pumps, generators, and wet vacuum units for deployment as the job requires.

We also use slurry units to collect, remove and dispose of the slurry (at licensed waste sites), without impacting on the environment, thus adhering to the EPA guidelines and legislation.

Occupational Health and Safety

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Our workplace is a safe workplace!

Processing concrete and other materials is neither simple nor without risk. Material assets on the site, the machine itself and safety of people are at stake.

The health, safety and welfare of employees and subcontractors is of paramount importance within all our operations.

Our team demonstrates a commitment to health and safety through the organisations Occupational Health & Safety Management Plan.

Regular meetings and a continuous improvement program to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for all involved.