Architectural & Expansion Joint Cutting / Sawing


    Architectural Cutting is used for when you want to create a saw cut pattern on a pathway, driveway or maybe patio areas. Architectural cutting can completely change the look of an area from a plain concrete slab to a design that stands out without the added expense of colour. Expansion/Control joints are cut into the concrete or asphalt. The joints are cut into the structure at regular intervals to allow cracking to occur in a controlled fashion.



    Architectural Cutting and Expansion/Control joints are most commonly cut using:

    • Road Saw for large jobs and/or Hand Saws for smaller jobs with limited access


    Generally the depth of these cuts are between 20 to 30 mm deep

    Locations Serviced

    • Northern NSW; Tweed, Ballina, Byron Bay, Lennox Heads
    • Gold Coast & Hinterlands
    • Brisbane CBD, Brisbane North, Brisbane South, and Brisbane outer suburbs


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